What is the Dark Web? How to access Dark Web Anonymously

The Dark Web is the web content that exists on the DarkNet. It is an overlay network which functions on the normal internet with some specific software and authorization to access.  The Dark Web is a minor part of the Deep Web in which conventional search engines cannot index web parts. They are built on top of the normal internet which requires some special software to access, and people can’t access without having any knowledge about it. In Other words, the DarkNet hides websites that shouldn’t be on the normal internet because they can be tracked down and it is known as the Dark Web.

The DarkNet which represents the Dark Web includes small P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networks and as well as large networks like I2P, Tor, Freenet, etc., Due to unencrypted nature, users of Dark Web refers to the normal web as Clearnet. It provides impersonality for both people who visits the websites and the websites themselves. In this repressive country, political dissentient could use Dark Web to communicate with others for any illegal activities. Some informers can use the dark web to leak secrets like the New Yorker’s Strongbox which reduces the risk to track down. In some countries, even people’s Facebook account are monitored, so Facebook provides its websites as Tor hidden service.

How to access the Dark Web?

There are a lot of ways to access Dark Web like using Tor, I2P, Freepto, Freenet, etc., One of the best ways is by using Tor Browser which contains all .onion websites, and it is the easiest way too. A bundle of software are downloaded by Tor to access the dark web. Tor provides privacy and security for passing messages through a network connected to Tor relays, which are specially configured computers. As the messages jump from one node to another, it is encrypted in a way that relay only knows about the machine which sends the message and the machine which receives it.

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