Bitcoin Client | Top 11 Bitcoin Clients to Generate Private Keys

We already know that Bitcoin is a decentralised network where every terminal or node is equal regarding hierarchy. Every node in the Bitcoin Transaction runs on a specific system called Bitcoin Client. Bitcoin Clients is an end-user software which facilitates the generation of private key and payment sending on behalf of the private key. The Bitcoin clients download the entire network of the bitcoin transaction on the node, and it takes care of all the bitcoin network communication. It connects with the users “Bitcoin wallet” and updates it with the outgoing and incoming funds. Bitcoin Client uses the keys generated by the Bitcoin Wallet to sign the bitcoin transactions. The protocol of Bitcoin Clients is designed in a way that the bitcoin clients cannot enforce its own rule. The nodes which running the bitcoin client ensures that every node is following the same rules. The bitcoin clients are two types:

  1. Lightweight client: Lightweight Bitcoin Client or Thin Clients is like running MS-Outlook on your local PC. It will communicate only with the information about private keys and Bitcoin addresses. It will not download entire history of bitcoin transactions. When they are accessed from the web browser they are called as “Web clients“, and if they are accessed from the smartphone, they are called as “mobile clients.”
  2. Full Client: Full clients are also called as the full node, and they run on specialised hardware. The full client will take two days and 100 GB of storage to sync with the entire network. Some of the examples of Full Client are Bitcoin Core and Bitcoind. The full clients don’t depend on any third party service. A good analogy will run the entire email server where the server takes care of all communication and synchronises with the bitcoin network continuously.

Top 11 Bitcoin Clients to Generate Private Keys for Bitcoin Transactions

There are several bitcoin clients are available to generate the private keys for bitcoin transactions. Out of them, the top 11 bitcoin clients are listed below

1. Armory

It is the most secure and full-featured Bitcoin client to generate and store private keys. While using Armory, users don’t have to trust the Armory team and can use them with the Glacier Protocol.

Bitcoin Clients - Armory
Bitcoin Clients – Armory

Click here to access Armory.

2. Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin core contains both “full-node” software to validate the blockchain and bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin Clients- Bitcoin Core
Bitcoin Clients- Bitcoin Core

Click here to access Bitcoin Core.

3. libbitcoin-explorer

libbitcoin-explorer is a bitcoin command line utility which supports Windows, OSX and Linux.

Bitcoin Clients - libbitcoin-explorer
Bitcoin Clients – libbitcoin-explorer

4. Electrum

It is a lightweight Bitcoin client, based on a client-server protocol.

Bitcoin Clients - Electrum
Bitcoin Clients – Electrum

Click here to access Electrum.

5. Gocoin

It is a full Bitcoin solution written in the Go language, and it provides a working solution for the Litecoin.

Bitcoin Clients - Gocoin
Bitcoin Clients – Gocoin

6. GreenAddress

It brings the most advanced level of protection to your bitcoins without eliminating the usability and control.

Bitcoin Clients - GreenAddress
Bitcoin Clients – GreenAddress

Click here to access GreenAddress.

7. MultiBit

It is a bitcoin wallet for your desktop, and it is designed with high-level protection. It currently works with the operating systems like Linux, Windows and OSX. It is designed to connect directly to the Bitcoin peer-to-peer network.

Bitcoin Clients - MultiBit
Bitcoin Clients – MultiBit

Click here to access Multibit.

8. Mycelium

Mycelium helps you to send and receive Bitcoins by using your mobile phone. The unparalleled cold storage functionality in this bitcoin client allows you to secure your funds until you are ready to spend them.

Bitcoin Clients - Mycelium
Bitcoin Clients – Mycelium

Click here to access Mycelium.

9. btcd

btcd correctly downloads, validates and serves the blockchain using the exact rules for block acceptance as Bitcoin Core.

Bitcoin Clients - btcd
Bitcoin Clients – btcd

10. Airbitz

Airbitz is a powerful bitcoin client which allows the users to control their bitcoin private keys with the knowledge and ease of mobile banking.

Bitcoin Clients - Airbitz
Bitcoin Clients – Airbitz

Click here to accessAirbitz.

11. Blocktrail

It features unparalleled security through the Multi-signature technology, which helps you to keep control of your Bitcoins at all time.

Bitcoin Clients - Blocktrail
Bitcoin Clients – Blocktrail

Click here to access Blocktrail.

These are the top 11 bitcoin clients are available to generate private keys. For more queries about Bitcoin Clients, please comment below.

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