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AlphaBay Market is known for darknet market which is operating on the Tor network. AlphaBay Market is owned by alpha02 and DeSnake, launched in December 2014. This market is said to be one of the largest Darknet Market tiers around the world. It has 2,40,000+ active users on the internet and is devoted to the sale of both legal and non-legal items (i.e. illicit drugs, firearms). The items are sold with the instant payments and total anonymity, regulated by Bitcoins. Learn more about >> Bitcoin. In the darknet site, you can access only through the AlphaBay URL via Tor network. Learn more about Darknet.

In AlphaBay Market, the bitcoin transaction is processed via Escrow system. This system allows buyer’s to protect their personal transaction information. AlphaBay transacting funds are temporarily put on hold in the Escrow system until the buyer’s confirmation of receiving the product goods. Learn how to access Deep Web?

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AlphaBay URL | AlphaBay Link | AlphaBay Forum : How to Access them?

If you are interested in buying items from AlphaBay, then step to the AlphaBay URL marketplace http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/. This URL can be accessed only via Tor browser. Make sure, you have a Tor browser before clicking the above link.
If you are still having any queries, then check out this Official AlphaBay forum http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/forum/. Also, visit AlphaBay Reddit group for more info about this top tier marketplace.

Take precaution before exploring AlphaBay to keep your anonymity and privacy on the dark web. Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect yourself from the hacks. VPN is used to add security and privacy to private and public networks like Wi-Fi hotspots and the internet. It is often used by a private corporation to protect their sensitive data. It is completely a secure network connection over a public network.

What is TOR?

Tor is a network ( The onion Router) encrypts information in layers. It routes your traffic through different server locations (i.e. It uses unique IP address for each process). This is a great way network where nobody can track your physical location. It is completely secured and protected. Certain networks like Deep Web and Darknet are not indexed by Google search engines and it cannot be reached via clickable links. Download Tor browser from the official page Click this link to know more about What is Deep Web?

You can access Deep Web and Darknet only via Tor browser. They use unique IP address for each process request and they avoid running on the same IP. Some of the URL’s cannot be used on normal web browser’s unless you have a private web browser like “Tor” on the system.

A few month ago, Tor network was broken by FEDS of USA  university to track and identify the user on Darknet markets in the year 2015. The FEDS company can now even track the Tor servers IP address and can monitor the current location of the user. You will get busted if you are not using VPN.

A data encryption layer will get stronger if you use a good virtual private network. Also benefited with the anonymity to your location and identity.

The secure network Tor can only access .onion URL on their browser. The other browser cannot validate .onion sites rather than Tor. Have you ever noticed that the AlphaBay URL contains 16 alphanumeric characters followed by .onion domain? It includes all the letters of the alphabets and decimal digits from 2 to 7. But now, .onion uses top level domain suffix designated an anonymous hidden service. Their address doesn’t represent their original DNS names.

.onion TLD (Top Level Domain) is accessed only via Tor browser and it does not belong to the internet DNS root, where you cannot access them. Check out AlphaBay reviews.

Are you looking for some good VPN service? Here we go!

Many of the free VPN services are awful. They provide bad service to their user. I don’t prefer using free VPN service, it is because they don’t provide high-level security. Using such kind of bad service can cause trouble and is completely waste of time. What you need to look?, if you need some best VPN service out of the rest. Check out some of the cool tips before trying to use VPN service.

  1. Network Speed and compatibility.
  2. Secure and privacy.
  3. No logging of your VPN usage.
  4. Optional payment (Bitcoin).
  5. Top Tier VPN.
  6. Test with Tor.
  7. Collective server connectivity.

Good tier companies are highly reputed and well-maintained networks.

How to Buy Items from AlphaBay Market?

Before getting into the AlphaBay marketplace, you need to download Tor browser. And you should close all other social connecting networks like google drive, dropbox and skype which is currently running on your system, to prevent you from tracking your exact location. Make sure, you have done things secured before buying items from AlphaBay market. Then proceed with the following steps to securely buy your items without being trapped.

  • Set your VPN: Don’t mess up with the bad VPN services. It could cause a bad impact on the service. Prefer using the best VPN services. And connect to a server location rather than your current location you live. Also, don’t ever connect to the same location which you have done before. Try connecting up with the other.
  • Download Tor: Once you have made a decision to buy items from AlphaBay markets, then you should download Tor browser on your system. Tor browser can only access the AlphaBay URL, it is because they use different IP address for each time we request them. They are completely secured.

tor browser download

  • Go to AlphaBay URL: After the completion, open your Tor browser. Copy the AlphaBay URL http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/ and paste it on your Tor. This .onion link will take you to the AlphaBay Market.
  • Register your information: It is compulsory to register your account before visiting the site. You need to set unique username and password which should be highly confidential. The information you have mentioned should not define or link your AlphaBay persona to you. Also, protect your Bitcoin wallet by entering a six-digit PIN code. Make sure, you have not given your personal information and your website link in the registration form.


  • PGP Key: Enter PGP key info on the registration page. This key is used to encrypt and decrypt the data which you processed on the marketplace.

pgp alphabay

  • AlphaBay Market Welcomes you! After the completion, now you are taken to the official page of the site.
  • Profile: Check for the info that you have registered on you account. Also, check for the bitcoin you have in your market wallet.

After setting up things, you can browse around the AlphaBay market and buy stuff that you wish to have.

Anonymity Tips

The things that you need to care while you are in the AlphaBay marketplace. Get away from the webcam, microphone, cell phone when you’re on the talk. Set up the best VPN and strong password to get secured.

Buy Goods from AlphaBay Market

Follow my method to get suited up with the best goods.

  1. Search: Search for the item that you wish to buy from the marketplace.
  2. Filter: Filter the odd result and choose the best one among them.
  3. Vendors: Before buying any products from AlphaBay market, make sure the vendor has the positive reviews. If you have no idea, then ask a question on AlphaBay Subreddit to check the quality of the vendor. The trust level is more important to buy products from the vendors.
  4. Buy and Send Bitcoins: You can buy bitcoin for your business purpose. Check your wallet for the current bitcoins available. You can purchase the product from vendors by using bitcoins.

bitcoin alphabay market

AlphaBay Market Alternative Links

I have given you the official AplhaBay links. If that the AlphaBay link is down, then try using AlphaBay alternative links. Here are the other,

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